2nd Saturday Art Walk

100% love it
A walkabout
The monthly event has quickly become a Midtown fave, with more and more restaurants and galleries participating.


Upcoming Events at 2nd Saturday Art Walk

    • A Huge Event Every 2nd Saturday in Midtown
      On the 2nd Saturday of each month, the midtown area literally comes to life as over a thousand people tour the neighborhoods visiting the galleries. You can download a map from the website, as well as find maps at various locations, but theres so many people it was easy for me to simply follow the crowd. Some of the upscale galleries offer wine, and you can find a wide selection of crafts from vendors on the street. Theres also a few small bands that play on the sidewalk, and one street was blocked off for dancing. It really gives the midtown a nice neighborhood feel something from a city like sactown that I found to be just the right size not too large to be unfriendly and fast paced, but large enough for cultural events like this.