58 Degrees Holding Co.

100% love it
Sip, shop or dine
An upscale, relaxing mixed-crowd wine bar serving creative foods and even better wine.


    • ScottishZen
      ScottishZen Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A great little wine bar
      I was only in town for one night and I just had to get out and enjoy myself for a little bit. I was heading to another restaurant when I realized I was right in front of 58° and holding. I just had to stop in I don't regret it at all. I enjoyed a nice wine flight of reds and a nice little Charcuterie plate. It was a perfect little meal for a freezing cold night which had just hit the Sacramento Valley. I will be going back as soon as I can.

    • Great wine bar with experienced staff
      This is a wine bar/lounge located in the gay section Lavender Heights of midtown. It is stylishly decorated, which gives it an upscale atmosphere (which could be good or bad, depending on how serious the clientele takes itself). But 58 degrees offers a wide selection of wines, and my nice/helpful waiter could easily describe each Italian, French, Portugese and American wine on the menu. They also offer 3 oz tastings so you can create your own flight, which I did and thoroughly enjoyed. There is also an attached wine shop. Ive heard from locals that the food is very good, although I didnt try any of their dishes. But check this place out if youre in town a great place for happy hour, dinner, appetizers, wine tasting, and wine buying.